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When you look at the great musicians of all time, they come from a wide range of backgrounds – some could read music, some could not. Some had formal training, some did not. Some put in many practice hours, some did not. But there is one thing they all have consistently in common – a phenomenal musical ear – either perfect pitch, or relative pitch to the highest level.

To become a great musician, developing relative pitch is the most essential skill to learn. Once you can identify notes and chords by ear, your ear becomes your greatest teacher. Every time you listen to music, you’re learning – observing, deconstructing, adding sounds to your palette – and learning more than any teacher or book can teach you. You feel like you’re practicing music all the time – not just when you’re at your instrument. This is the one skill that every great musician relies on more than any other, and is at the centre of everything you do.

Every person has the ability to master relative pitch and play music by ear. It can be learnt at any age, and most of the progress usually takes place in the initial 3 – 6 months. However, it’s not something which just happens because you play or listen to a lot of music – it’s something which has to be practiced a very specific way.

EAR TRAINING EXPLAINED is the latest ebook in my music education series, in which I show you how to play music by ear. I explain all tonal aspects of playing by ear – melody, chords, bassline – and pack over a decade of my own ear training discovery into a concise curriculum.


  • 70 pages of my own writing, taking you step by step from complete beginner.
  • Practice Tips along the way, to be carried out at your instrument.
  • Recommended Listening: At the end of each chapter I link to music demonstrating the concepts in the book. Click on the song to be taken to the band’s official music video on youtube, where you can listen and transcribe.
  • Computer Version and Printer Friendly Version – read Ear Training Explained on your computer / tablet, or print to paper using my printer friendly version (both included with this download).
  • Test Yourself Questions & Answers.
  • Bonus Audio Exercise Bundle: For a limited time, buy Ear Training Explained and get my audio exercise bundle included free. 16 music exercises for you to transcribe, followed by my commentary explaining my thought process and showing you how I reached my final answer.
  • 90 day money back guarantee: Satisfaction or your money back.


Ear Training Explained is for the intermediate musician (5+ years experience), passionate about reaching their full musical potential, and is equally relevant to all instruments. Before reading this book, you must be familiar with:

  • Interval Labeling: The differences between the half-step, whole-step, minor 3rd, major 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  • Chord Basics: Major chords, minor chords, diminished and augmented chords.
  • Scale Basics: The major scale and the minor scale.
  • There are some sheet music illustrations in this book – however, reading music is not essential.

BONUS AUDIO BUNDLEBONUS AUDIO EXERCISES BUNDLE! For a limited time, get my Audio Exercises Bundle ($19.99) included free when you buy Ear Training Explained: 16 music compositions of my own, designed to test you on the concepts in the book. Each track contains my own commentary, explaining how I reach my answer.

This is an ebook – a digital download, available to all countries, and takes roughly 5 minutes to download. Please make sure your internet connection is reliable before starting the download. Works on Mac and PC – no special software required.

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Wow, feel like I’ve taken a 4 year Berkley in 5 hours. A wonderful thesis in music theory and practical. I think your presentation hits on all cylinders and will be a wonderful tool for students. Way ahead of your original works which in themselves were excellent.”    – Ray Huckell, Toronto, Canada.

This new material is outstanding Julian! Especially for pianists like me who lack the fundamentals and have an insatiable passion to improve ear training. I realized as we drove yesterday to go fishing and listened to pop radio that I was using my ear in a new and different way, to understand and study intervals. I feel had I been taught this particular method I’d have been conscious of my abilities at a much earlier age. It makes me smile to finally realize at my age I can do this. It was you who awakened me to the logic and process.” – John Riger, Aspen, Colorado.

I read your book three times and I find it great! You have managed to give meaning to a concept I found very hard to understand. I am delighted, dawn rises on new landscapes. Your explanations are always clear and precise. I love the method you use, straight to the point and there are many examples to help us understand. We do not get lost in your classes because you take care to pave the way. Bravo for this beautiful new book.” – Philippe, France.

73 Pages of pure gold!” – Brandon Caruso, Los Angeles, California.


As always, you can try my book risk free for 90 days. If for any reason you decide it’s not for you, I’l be happy to refund your purchase. There’s nothing physical to return and I’d rather you try the book, than not try it at all:

90 days risk free

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